got questions?  I've got answers!


How long have you been a professional photographer?

I started NDP in 2013 while working as a designer and product developer after attending art school.  Photography was and still remains such a passion of mine - once I started shooting weddings I found my happy place and haven’t looked back!  


When do I need to schedule with you?

  • Weddings :: brides book us as early as 24 months in advance!  Peak wedding season is generally May - October, so those Months tend to fill up more quickly than other months.  
  • Engagement/Bridal Session :: as soon as you book your wedding, you can get your session on my calendar!  I typically book sessions on Wednesday nights about two hours prior to sunset. If I have a Saturday open, we can shoot at sunrise or sunset!



Where is your studio?


My office/meeting space is located along route 487 in Benton by appointment only.  I shoot portrait sessions on location or on my property in Stillwater. We live on a little ‘farm’ with some gorgeous scenery, but I’m also happy to shoot at a location of your choosing.  I prefer natural light and feel it is the most flattering light for portraits, so time of day is a huge factor in booking a portrait session with me!


What kind of equipment do you use?

NDP uses Canon professional DSLRs and Lenses as well as some occasional medium format and 35mm film cameras!
For editing, NDP utilizes the Adobe Creative Suite to make each image pop!  Basic color correction, toning, and sharpening is performed on each photo.  If film is shot at your wedding, images are scanned via a professional lab and delivered with the digital files.
Weddings are backed up three times both on and off site


What happens if your camera breaks?  Do you carry insurance?


NDP is a fully insured business.  We carry backup equipment to each wedding, as well as a full insurance policy to protect us (and you!).  Things happen. It is my believe that a professional photographer should ALWAYS carry three camera bodies (with dual memory card slots), and enough lenses, flashes, memory cards, etc to prevent any type of equipment malfunction issues that could arise on a wedding day.  This day only happens once! Preparation is key.


Do I need a second shooter?   


Hmm, yes and no!  If your wedding has a lot of moving parts, and you’re getting married at a church and moving to a different venue for the reception, with the bride and groom getting ready at two different locations, having a second shooter is definitely my recommendation.  On the contrary, if you are having a wedding that is taking place all at a singular location, I’m often easily able to cover the entire wedding day as a solo shooter quite comfortably. You can always add a second shooter on closer to the wedding day if once we go over the timeline you determine that you want one.  


Have you ever shot at my venue before?  


As a professional photographer, it is my job to evaluate the scene and get the best shots, and also use some creativity!  While being familiar with a venue can be helpful in some instances, a fresh set of eyes can often see a scene differently.  I always arrive early to a venue I’m not familiar with to do a little walk through the morning of the wedding to come up with a game plan.  It’s always my goal to provide you with images from your wedding that are up to par with my portfolio, so I will always choose spots that I know are going to provide you with gorgeous photos.  Sometimes it might be a spot you aren’t expecting to use, but the lighting might be amazing (I’m a huge sucker for magical lighting) which makes all the difference in your images. Trust me, I want your photos to be stunning and I’ll always do my best to provide you with that!  If you really feel that you would be more comfortable with me seeing the venue prior to the wedding, why not schedule your engagement session at the venue? That can be a great way to explore different options in a stress free environment with fewer time restraints!


Do you offer albums?


YES!  Albums are hands down my favorite thing to deliver to a client after the wedding.  I love tangible heirlooms, and I strongly believe that a wedding album is just that.  It’s your first legacy, and what your kids and their kids are going to leaf through down the road.  I have several different albums to choose from as well as Engagement session guest books. Matching parent albums for your loved ones are also available.  All NDP albums are custom designed.


When will I see my pictures?


Portrait session galleries are ready in 3 weeks from the session date for viewing/downloading your files.
Wedding galleries are typically ready within 8 weeks for viewing & making final package decisions.  I always put a sneak peek up within 72 hours so you at least get to see a handful of photos right away!


How will my pictures be delivered?


Portrait sessions are delivered via your password protected, 60 day online gallery.  Weddings come with a 90 day gallery, as well as a USB of all of your final files. Be sure to share your galleries with family and friends so they can see them as well!


How many photos will I receive?


Weddings have a lot of factors, but on average it is typical to receive 60-90 final edited photos per hour of wedding coverage.