Sweet Savannah | The First Two Weeks

Hello Baby!  We welcomed sweet Savannah into our lives on October 15 at 9:55AM.  There's absolutely no way for me to accurately describe the emotions and joy that occurred on that day, but we are so overwhelmed with love right now for this little girl. The first two weeks have been... slow.  A lot slower than what I'm used to and what I typically find comfortable, but they have also been amazing.  Yes, I've taken a bit longer to respond to emails and to process orders but what I have been busy doing is soaking up the sounds and sweet scent of a precious baby girl that I know won't last nearly long enough.  I want to freeze time right now, and while I can't do that- what I can do is take lots of photos in an attempt to remember how special this time really is...

Collage 1 1Collage 1 2Collage 1 3Collage 1 4Collage 1 5

A proud big bro!

Collage 1 6Collage 1 7Collage 1 8Collage 1 9

Gigi (my mom):

Collage 1 10

Collage 1 11

Great Grandparents (Rich's Grandmother, My Pop Good, My Grandma Moyer):

Collage 1 12Collage 1 13Collage 1 14Collage 1 15Collage 1 16Collage 1 17Collage 1 18Collage 1 19Collage 1 20

First Bath!

Collage 1 21Collage 1 22Collage 1 23Two Weeks Old!

Collage 1 24

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