Asher Fritz | A newborn family session

One of the things I love about doing newborn sessions in/at a client's home is the reality of it all.  There are no fancy props or elaborate setups, we simply use what they have and everything about the photos is meaningful.  Everyone is more comfortable in general, and I'm also able to connect with older siblings in a way that just wouldn't be possible for me in a studio setting. Sometimes I have a lack of words to accurately describe things, and this family's bond is just one of those things.  I told Sandy after their session that I just loved culling through these images.... her family just has 'it'.   Each family I work with is unique and there are lots of things that work for each of us.  With that said, this family has a special little spark.  I don't know exactly how to explain it, but I do know that it's very rare.



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Sweet Savannah | The First Two Weeks

Hello Baby!  We welcomed sweet Savannah into our lives on October 15 at 9:55AM.  There's absolutely no way for me to accurately describe the emotions and joy that occurred on that day, but we are so overwhelmed with love right now for this little girl. The first two weeks have been... slow.  A lot slower than what I'm used to and what I typically find comfortable, but they have also been amazing.  Yes, I've taken a bit longer to respond to emails and to process orders but what I have been busy doing is soaking up the sounds and sweet scent of a precious baby girl that I know won't last nearly long enough.  I want to freeze time right now, and while I can't do that- what I can do is take lots of photos in an attempt to remember how special this time really is...

Collage 1 1Collage 1 2Collage 1 3Collage 1 4Collage 1 5

A proud big bro!

Collage 1 6Collage 1 7Collage 1 8Collage 1 9

Gigi (my mom):

Collage 1 10

Collage 1 11

Great Grandparents (Rich's Grandmother, My Pop Good, My Grandma Moyer):

Collage 1 12Collage 1 13Collage 1 14Collage 1 15Collage 1 16Collage 1 17Collage 1 18Collage 1 19Collage 1 20

First Bath!

Collage 1 21Collage 1 22Collage 1 23Two Weeks Old!

Collage 1 24

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Baby Braxton | Lifestyle Newborn Photography

While I do think a baby wrapped in a sweet basket is adorable and perfectly sweet, there is so much more to the first days of life than that for me.  So. Much. More.  Sometimes there are tears, sometimes there are siblings, sometimes there are tired eyes and gentle touches and laughter and kisses.  For me, it's not all about what's cute, it's about what's real and it's about remembering this phase right now.  Because I can guarantee from personal experience that even though it seems like it's dragging on some days, when you have a 6 year old it's hard to remember what life was like in those first few hours and days.  Nearly impossible.  And I can almost guarantee that even though you never thought you'd miss that phase of getting up every hour, you will.   This is why I love shooting in clients and friend's homes, showing the love and the crazy and providing them with something worth more than a sweet baby in a cute basket.  There is so much more to life than that.   That's why I love lifestyle newborn photography and lifestyle family photography. I'm so, so happy to have had the opportunity to visit my dear friend leading up to the arrival of her son to get some shots of her late in her pregnancy with her daughter Madelyn, and again about a week after baby Braxton entered their lives!  I feel so blessed to be able to watch my life long friends start families of their own and see their children grow and document that for them.  It's one of the best feelings to see my photos hanging on their walls.  Congratulations Alli and Kolby... you have the most perfect little angels!


I don't currently shoot many newborn sessions.  I do love Lifestyle newborn photography, however, and I think it's really a perfect fit for me as a photographer and a person in terms of newborn portrait options.  Though I have been referring most newborn sessions elsewhere for the past few months due to schedule constraints, I do take them on when my schedule allows, but I recommend tentatively booking them between 3-6 months out from your due date.  I am currently scheduling very limited newborn/family sessions for the winter months, once I return from my own maternity leave in January.