Lauren & Blake | Nashville, TN Engagement

I love shooting engagement sessions, but there's something super special about having the opportunity to work with friends I've known since childhood and getting to witness their relationships first hand!  I've known Lauren for well over half my life, and getting to see the way that Blake compliments her personality and the way that they talk to each other (practically in their own language) was so much fun.  I spent the weekend with them to shoot this Nashville, TN engagement session and we did a weeks worth of all the things, from hanging out in the first home they purchased together in 2015, to downtown Nashville, to bluegrass brunch at the Sutler.  Congratulations Lauren & Blake, I am SO looking forward to your backyard wedding in October! nashville-engagement-session 3nashville-engagement-session 1nashville-engagement-session 4nashville-engagement-session 5nashville-engagement-session 6nashville-engagement-session 7nashville-engagement-session 8nashville-engagement-session 9nashville-engagement-session 10nashville-engagement-session 11nashville-engagement-session 12nashville-engagement-session 13nashville-engagement-session 15nashville-engagement-session 16nashville-engagement-session 14nashville-engagement-session 17nashville-engagement-session 18nashville-engagement-session 20nashville-engagement-session 19nashville-engagement-session 21

Depends on the season!
  • Fall - watching football at home or somewhere out in the city
  • Summer - brunchin'  (we went to the bluegrass brunch at the Sutler during my visit and it was amazing!)

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He got down on one knee in the living room during a Grey's Anatomy commercial break... I sobbed, and he asked.  I told him I'd think about it and we laughed!  

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How did you meet?

We met in a tequilla training session for a new restaurant that was opening in Nashville called St. Anjeo. in October 2013. He was a bartender and I was a server! We worked together for a couple months and then hung out outside of work at the company Christmas party. Eventually, we went on our first date in January, dated for a few weeks, invited him to New Orleans for my bday party in March and were pretty much official when we got back.

nashville-engagement-session 39nashville-engagement-session 37nashville-engagement-session 38nashville-engagement-session 40nashville-engagement-session 41

What will the 'theme' for your wedding be?

Rustic Farm Theme - vintage, Sweet, simplistic, county, fun, and elegant....<---all of those things mixed up in a mason jar and served with Tennessee moonshine.

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