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While I do think a baby wrapped in a sweet basket is adorable and perfectly sweet, there is so much more to the first days of life than that for me.  So. Much. More.  Sometimes there are tears, sometimes there are siblings, sometimes there are tired eyes and gentle touches and laughter and kisses.  For me, it's not all about what's cute, it's about what's real and it's about remembering this phase right now.  Because I can guarantee from personal experience that even though it seems like it's dragging on some days, when you have a 6 year old it's hard to remember what life was like in those first few hours and days.  Nearly impossible.  And I can almost guarantee that even though you never thought you'd miss that phase of getting up every hour, you will.   This is why I love shooting in clients and friend's homes, showing the love and the crazy and providing them with something worth more than a sweet baby in a cute basket.  There is so much more to life than that.   That's why I love lifestyle newborn photography and lifestyle family photography. I'm so, so happy to have had the opportunity to visit my dear friend leading up to the arrival of her son to get some shots of her late in her pregnancy with her daughter Madelyn, and again about a week after baby Braxton entered their lives!  I feel so blessed to be able to watch my life long friends start families of their own and see their children grow and document that for them.  It's one of the best feelings to see my photos hanging on their walls.  Congratulations Alli and Kolby... you have the most perfect little angels!


I don't currently shoot many newborn sessions.  I do love Lifestyle newborn photography, however, and I think it's really a perfect fit for me as a photographer and a person in terms of newborn portrait options.  Though I have been referring most newborn sessions elsewhere for the past few months due to schedule constraints, I do take them on when my schedule allows, but I recommend tentatively booking them between 3-6 months out from your due date.  I am currently scheduling very limited newborn/family sessions for the winter months, once I return from my own maternity leave in January.

A Day Off | The Green Barn Berry Farm

Every so often... I need to detox.  And by detox I mean I need a day to do simple things that I always want to do and don't often have the time to do.  For me it's not even kicking my feet up to relax, it's getting out to see something and do something and feel something.  I'm not a very stagnant person, and although I do love to curl up on the couch every now and then I'd much rather be making memories and savoring experiences and feeling the warmth of the sun and the smell of the sweet summer air. For the past 15 months, I have been working a full time job as well as running what I like to consider a fairly successful little photography business.  No, I don't plan to work 80 hours a week forever, and I'm not sure what the future holds, but at the moment I'm still enjoying both as much as possible, building up quite the dream assortment of photography gear, and saving some money for some projects we are working on for a new baby who will grace us with her presence this Fall.  And that means I get tired sometimes.  Not even tired in an 'I'm exhausted' sense, although that does happen, but more so tired of my brain running in circles and the helpless feeling of being incapable of shutting it down.

Monday I took a much needed vacation day (funny, because I just had 4 days off earlier this Month) to do some of the simple things I enjoy, and one of them was berry picking.  I have been picking berries since I was a little girl, when I used to sell my bounty strawberries at the hospital where my Mother worked, roaming the halls and hiking my price up to something slightly unreasonable.  I guess my Mom taught me to be an entrepreneur at an early age, and no one can resist a fresh quart of strawberries from a kid.

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I enjoy mostly any outdoor activity, but I strangely enjoy monotonous things like weeding and picking berries where I can just let my mind wander and admire something as simple as a perfectly created, juicy berry have always been high on my activity list for summer.  We headed to The Green Barn Berry Farm in Muncy because it's blueberry season and I love blueberries.  It was my first time visiting the farm and we will definitely be back!  The staff was friendly, the farm was beautiful, and the rows were easy to navigate.  Picking was good (I like a slightly less ripe berry... I love the tart!).  Aiden (my 6 year old) had a blast (he made it into a competition to see who could pick the most berries, of course), and we even met up with some good friends.


I will cherish this day for years.  This may sound so silly to some of you, but I'm sure someone can relate.  There are always a few days of each season that just stick out in my mind into the next season and especially the next year as great days, and this was definitely one of them.  And they never have to do with a fancy amusement park or an elaborate vacation.  I find that most of the spare time in my schedule is much better spent going for a walk at home, playing catch in the backyard, taking a drive through the countryside and stopping at the Amish stands along the way.  There is so much beauty around us to be enjoyed.  Get out and do something simple.

For more information on The Green Barn Berry Farm checkout their website here: