Pen Ryn Estate Wedding | Philadelphia Photographer

Mary and David's Pen Ryn Estate Wedding features a day celebrated by many with so much love for a wonderful couple.  I first met Mary back in my rugby days (I know, hard to believe) at Penn State University.  I was so thrilled to receive a wedding inquiry from Mary and so enjoyed sharing in her day filled with love and so much laughter.  The day started out at Mary's parents' home in Philadelphia, where joy and excitement for the day ahead filled the air.  The wedding, shot in both film and digital, definitely brings a classic nostalgia to mind.  After the ceremony we headed to the renowned Philadelphia Museum of Art for some portraits before being swept away to the final destination; the historic Pen Ryn Estate in Bucks County, PA.

Gown | Sposabella, Bucks County, PA

Florist | Krempt, Willow Grove, PA

Venue | Pen Ryn Estate, Bucks County, PA

Cake | Isgro, Philadelphia, PA

Formal Location | Philadelphia Museum of Art

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Bethany + Ted | Luxurious Vintage Wedding Photography

Sometimes love isn't easy. Sometimes it is. Effortless, is the only word that I can think of to describe the connection between Bethany & Ted on the day of their wedding. I knew a little bit about this couple going into their day. High school sweethearts, I had a feeling these two had something that others either envy, or long for. What I wasn't fully prepared for is the way that they were just drawn to each other. Without trying, their hands seemed to always become entangled, their gazes always seemed to find one another, even from across the room. The day started off with me arriving at the hotel suite where Bethany and her bridesmaids had stayed the night before and were getting ready. Lana Del Rey hooks made their way through the rooms, and I knew upon arriving that this day was going to be nothing short of amazing. Sometimes you can just tell. As I photographed the details, I could tell that the bride had a luxurious vintage theme going on; simplistic with an air of old Hollywood glamour, she was a girl after my own heart. The Ceremony took place at Rooke Chapel on the campus of prestigious Bucknell University, where the groom attended college. The vintage theme was rounded out when we arrived at the historic reception venue, the Williamsport Scottish Rite. Words cannot express what an honor it was to capture Bethany and Ted's wedding day. I hope you enjoy this gorgeous Pennsylvania luxurious vintage wedding photography as much as I enjoyed documenting it!