Amy & Allan | Pine Barn Inn Wedding Danville, Pa

Amy and Allan's Pine Barn Inn Wedding was such a gorgeous display of love and friendship.  Their September wedding took place on a gorgeous day which started out in one of the suites at Pine Barn Inn, where Amy and her two bridesmaids were relaxing and getting ready for the big day.  This is typically one of my favorite parts of a wedding day, especially when the bride is having fun and relaxing. I get to shoot all of the pretty little details during this time that make the day unique; everything from the dress to the rings and gorgeous florals! Pine-barn-inn-wedding 1Pine-barn-inn-wedding 3Pine-barn-inn-wedding 4Pine-barn-inn-wedding 2Pine-barn-inn-wedding 6Pine-barn-inn-wedding 8Pine-barn-inn-wedding 12Pine-barn-inn-wedding 9Pine-barn-inn-wedding 13Pine-barn-inn-wedding 14Pine-barn-inn-wedding 11Pine-barn-inn-wedding 10Pine-barn-inn-wedding 7Pine-barn-inn-wedding 5Pine-barn-inn-wedding 20Pine-barn-inn-wedding 19

Amy and Allan decided to do a first look, which is a great way to add a little extra time to your day and avoid being so rushed following the ceremony.  Albeit rather untraditional, first looks often serve as a really special personal time prior to all of the 'chaos' and also add something extra to your wedding day images.  We ended up heading a block or so down the street from Pine Barn where we were able to shoot in a beautiful shady courtyard!

Pine-barn-inn-wedding 23Pine-barn-inn-wedding 26Pine-barn-inn-wedding 31Pine-barn-inn-wedding 32Pine-barn-inn-wedding 33Pine-barn-inn-wedding 34Pine-barn-inn-wedding 27Pine-barn-inn-wedding 28Pine-barn-inn-wedding 38Pine-barn-inn-wedding 37Pine-barn-inn-wedding 39Pine-barn-inn-wedding 29Pine-barn-inn-wedding 30Pine-barn-inn-wedding 36Pine-barn-inn-wedding 35Pine-barn-inn-wedding 42Pine-barn-inn-wedding 41Pine-barn-inn-wedding 40Pine-barn-inn-wedding 25Pine-barn-inn-wedding 24Pine-barn-inn-wedding 43

Everything else, from the ceremony to the speeches to the dance floor was filled with love and emotion for this wonderful couple.  My absolute favorite part of the day was Amy's grandfather getting up out of his wheelchair to dance with his grandfather.  I couldn't help but share quite a few images of those precious moments below.  Grandma also knows how to bust a move, which you will see towards the end of the post!  Congratulations Amy & Allan - I am so honored to share these memories with you!

Pine-barn-inn-wedding 45Pine-barn-inn-wedding 46Pine-barn-inn-wedding 47Pine-barn-inn-wedding 44Pine-barn-inn-wedding 53Pine-barn-inn-wedding 48Pine-barn-inn-wedding 49Pine-barn-inn-wedding 51Pine-barn-inn-wedding 52Pine-barn-inn-wedding 54Pine-barn-inn-wedding 50Pine-barn-inn-wedding 55Pine-barn-inn-wedding 86Pine-barn-inn-wedding 56

Pine-barn-inn-wedding 15Pine-barn-inn-wedding 17Pine-barn-inn-wedding 18Pine-barn-inn-wedding 22Pine-barn-inn-wedding 21Pine-barn-inn-wedding 16Pine-barn-inn-wedding 57Pine-barn-inn-wedding 58Pine-barn-inn-wedding 59Pine-barn-inn-wedding 61Pine-barn-inn-wedding 62Pine-barn-inn-wedding 63Pine-barn-inn-wedding 64Pine-barn-inn-wedding 71Pine-barn-inn-wedding 72Pine-barn-inn-wedding 66Pine-barn-inn-wedding 67Pine-barn-inn-wedding 68Pine-barn-inn-wedding 69Pine-barn-inn-wedding 70Pine-barn-inn-wedding 73Pine-barn-inn-wedding 65Pine-barn-inn-wedding 74Pine-barn-inn-wedding 77Pine-barn-inn-wedding 76Pine-barn-inn-wedding 78Pine-barn-inn-wedding 79Pine-barn-inn-wedding 80Pine-barn-inn-wedding 81Pine-barn-inn-wedding 82Pine-barn-inn-wedding 83Pine-barn-inn-wedding 84Pine-barn-inn-wedding 85

Venue: Pine Barn Inn | Danville, PA

Florist: The Details Matter | Danville PA

Second Shooter:

Nicole DuMond is a wedding and portrait photographer based in the rolling hills of Stillwater, Pennsylvania and serving the surrounding areas of Northeastern and Central Pennsylvania, including Bloomsburg, Benton, Berwick, Red Rock, Stillwater, Danville, Lewisburg, Hunlock Creek, Sweet Valley, and surrounding areas.  Nicole is also available for limited travel along the East Coast & Worldwide.

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