Heather & Brian | Rustic Elegance Barn at Boones Dam Bloomsburg Wedding

Heather and Brian married last Friday at the always beautiful Barn at Boone's Dam in Bloomsburg.  Heather's rustic romance vision fit the venue perfectly and The Details Matter tied the decor and pastel colored florals together for a perfectly elegant barn wedding. I had the opportunity to shoot Heather & Brian's engagement session a few weeks back and was able to see first hand the way that they look at each other, admire one another, and the amount of love and respect they both have.  It's always a pleasure to see a genuine couple and have the opportunity to document such a purely romantic relationship.

My favorite part about their day was probably their love letter ceremony!  It was something different that I hadn't really seen before, and such an awesome idea!  They wrote each other a love letter prior to their wedding and sealed them in a box with a bottle of wine, which they will share with one another on their first anniversary.  They plan to write a new letter each year, and place it in the box to be read the following year with a new bottle of wine.  Such a fun and romantic way to celebrate each other each year and track your relationship.  I absolutely loved it.

Barn-at-boones-dam-bloomsburg-wedding 41

What was the inspiration for your wedding day?

I wanted to play off of the barn...I wanted a romantic and rustic feeling

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What was your favorite part of the day?

Walking down the isle to meet my husband and seeing the look in his eyes....I also loved our first dance when he sang Thomas Rhett "Die a Happy Man" to me.

Barn-at-boones-dam-bloomsburg-wedding 2Barn-at-boones-dam-bloomsburg-wedding 3Barn-at-boones-dam-bloomsburg-wedding 1Barn-at-boones-dam-bloomsburg-wedding 57Barn-at-boones-dam-bloomsburg-wedding 4Barn-at-boones-dam-bloomsburg-wedding 5Barn-at-boones-dam-bloomsburg-wedding 6Barn-at-boones-dam-bloomsburg-wedding 7Barn-at-boones-dam-bloomsburg-wedding 13Barn-at-boones-dam-bloomsburg-wedding 12Barn-at-boones-dam-bloomsburg-wedding 15Barn-at-boones-dam-bloomsburg-wedding 14Barn-at-boones-dam-bloomsburg-wedding 16Barn-at-boones-dam-bloomsburg-wedding 18Barn-at-boones-dam-bloomsburg-wedding 17

Do you have any advice for couples planning future weddings?

Enjoy all the planning. Take your time. Remember this day is a once in a lifetime event so take time to take everything in....it's easy to get caught up in how busy the day is. Take the time to look over all those little details you put so much time into creating. And most of all enjoy the time you get to spend with your family and friends.

Barn-at-boones-dam-bloomsburg-wedding 9Barn-at-boones-dam-bloomsburg-wedding 10Barn-at-boones-dam-bloomsburg-wedding 19Barn-at-boones-dam-bloomsburg-wedding 11Barn-at-boones-dam-bloomsburg-wedding 20Barn-at-boones-dam-bloomsburg-wedding 21Barn-at-boones-dam-bloomsburg-wedding 24Barn-at-boones-dam-bloomsburg-wedding 25Barn-at-boones-dam-bloomsburg-wedding 30Barn-at-boones-dam-bloomsburg-wedding 26Barn-at-boones-dam-bloomsburg-wedding 29Barn-at-boones-dam-bloomsburg-wedding 28Barn-at-boones-dam-bloomsburg-wedding 27Barn-at-boones-dam-bloomsburg-wedding 23Barn-at-boones-dam-bloomsburg-wedding 31Barn-at-boones-dam-bloomsburg-wedding 22Barn-at-boones-dam-bloomsburg-wedding 32Barn-at-boones-dam-bloomsburg-wedding 34Barn-at-boones-dam-bloomsburg-wedding 33Barn-at-boones-dam-bloomsburg-wedding 35Barn-at-boones-dam-bloomsburg-wedding 36Barn-at-boones-dam-bloomsburg-wedding 39Barn-at-boones-dam-bloomsburg-wedding 38Barn-at-boones-dam-bloomsburg-wedding 40Barn-at-boones-dam-bloomsburg-wedding 37


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