Jessica & Cody | A Rustic Backyard Wedding

In the beginning of September I had the privilege of sharing in Jessica and Cody's rustic backyard wedding, which was an amazingly fun day surrounded by all of their friends and family in their very own backyard!  Every little detail was crafted with care to create a magical setting.  Jessica's infectious smile lit up the entire day from the moment I arrived, and lasted through the night onto the dance floor.

In regards to your wedding day, what are you most looking forward to?
"I'm most looking forward to just being in the moment. I don't want to think about yesterday or tomorrow. I can not wait to just feel beautiful, be surrounded by people who love me, and marry my best friend. I'm looking forward to it all. I really am."


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The Proposal:

Cody had a ring for 6 months before he ultimately popped the question while they were on a cruise with Jessica's family, celebrating her sister's 21st birthday.

"My sister insisted manicures, and my mom wouldn't let me anywhere near her luggage bag.  As I was getting around, my sister told me the rings I was wearing looked silly and to take them off; that gave it away! We all had planned on getting a huge group family photo together professionally done and this also happened to be the same night. As we were getting set up how the photographer wanted us, he told only me to sit on this chair and I instantly got butterflies, before even the question or seeing the ring!  Cody was so nervous, it was the cutest thing!  The photographer gave him a look and he got down on one knee and said "Will you marry me?" it was so surreal. The fact that I shared such a special moment with not only Cody but with my family, was absolutely incredible."

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"My father died when I was fourteen. It changed my life. When my mom met my step father, she could not have been luckier. My dad was an amazing man, but my step father, he's right there with him. He's been in my life now for 10 years. He will be the man to walk me down the aisle. He by no means takes the place of my dad, but I couldn't have asked for a better man to fill the shoes when I needed it the most. Plus, I would've never got to know Cody the way I did, if it weren't for him."

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What's your wedding style?

"I'd have to say my theme is pretty Rustic. Barrels, barn wood, lanterns, wine bottles, mason jars, bulb lights, old fashioned chandeliers, white drapes, lace, burlap, chalk boards, a very rustic feel."

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"I had a lot of favorite parts of our wedding day. Walking down the aisle as husband and wife hand in hand was a special moment for me. Also, while Cody and I sat at our head table and looked out at the crowd and got to stop and appreciate all the love and support we had, all the amazing people who got to share in one of the best days of our lives. My last favorite moment was when you took Cody and I over into the field to get our "pretty sky" pictures, I loved that moment. Getting pulled out for some alone time with a pretty sky in a field of green, just something special about that moment in the night." - Jess
"Having Jess's brother Billy do our ceremony was special for her but one of my favorite parts was when he talked about our love languages and how he made a professional ceremony have a little bit of fun too. When Jess's sister Jenna got up and gave her speech something changed for me, all of it got really real and in the moment she touched my heart, I never cry and she made me cry. I'm starting a life with an amazing girl who has an amazing family." - Cody
"Together our favorite part of the day was our first dance. Jess's best friend for many years sang our song, did an amazing job and it was really special for Jess which made it special for Cody. It was our first time without anyone else, where we could stop and say "I love you" and how much we loved the turn out of our big day. We had time to remind each other to live in the moment tonight and have fun doing so. Which I think we did!"
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"Do as much as you can in advance so when the week comes you can fully enjoy yourself and live in the moment. When the big day arrives remember it's all about you and your other half."

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