Meredith & Matt | Spring Engagement Session

Pennsylvania (and the entire northeast) has been having such crazy weather this Spring!  One day it's 75 and sunny, the next it's 39 and gloomy.  Today as I traveled home from New York state with my family, we even passed through snow showers... in May!  Despite the strange weather, I've been able to squeeze in all of my sessions as scheduled for the most part (yay!).  As I enter into wedding season this month, I'm so excited to start working with more of my 2016-2017 couples! Meredith is from Bloomsburg, PA and I've known her for quite a few years, so of course I was absolutely thrilled to shoot their engagement session.  Their love for each other is clearly visible and it was such a fun, light session.  Congratulations Meredith & Matt!

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