Lea & Johnny | Engagement

When we had to postpone Lea & Johnny's engagement session due to an uncooperative appendix, I knew Lea was pretty bummed and the pressure was on!  Lea texted me from the ER the morning of their scheduled session to let me know that she wasn't feeling well and that she would keep me posted.  My packed schedule this fall had me nervous (especially combined with Johnny's work schedule), but I knew that we would work it out, and I'd say it definitely worked in their favor!  Lea & Johnny planted a stunning field of sunflowers on their property as a trial run for their wedding next year, which was in full bloom, and we also had some of the craziest (and most beautiful) weather I've seen this year!  When I arrived at their session it was cloudy and raining, but by the end of the session we had a little mix of all things gorgeous, including fog in the valley and an amazing sunset.  Congratulations Lea & Johnny... I just can't wait for your backyard wedding in your beautiful barn next year! Lea_Johnny_685A0310Lea_Johnny_685A0332Lea_Johnny_685A0341Lea_Johnny_685A0358Lea_Johnny_685A0367Lea_Johnny_685A0395Lea_Johnny_685A0405Lea_Johnny_685A0412Lea_Johnny_685A0431Lea_Johnny_685A0432Lea_Johnny_685A0437Lea_Johnny_685A0446Lea_Johnny_685A0508Lea_Johnny_685A0459Lea_Johnny_685A0500Lea_Johnny_685A0472Lea_Johnny_685A0512Lea_Johnny_685A0485Lea_Johnny_685A0497Lea_Johnny_685A0514Lea_Johnny_685A0523Lea_Johnny_685A0502Lea_Johnny_685A0543Lea_Johnny_685A0570Lea_Johnny_685A0563Lea_Johnny_685A0577Lea_Johnny_685A0557Lea_Johnny_685A0580Lea_Johnny_685A0586Lea_Johnny_685A0592Lea_Johnny_685A0598Lea_Johnny_685A0604Lea_Johnny_685A0609Lea_Johnny_685A0618Lea_Johnny_685A0626Lea_Johnny_685A0629Lea_Johnny_685A0634Lea_Johnny_685A0651Lea_Johnny_685A0654Lea_Johnny_685A0659Lea_Johnny_685A0661Lea_Johnny_685A0662Lea_Johnny_685A0679Lea_Johnny_685A0685Lea_Johnny_685A0691Lea_Johnny_685A0692Lea_Johnny_685A0694Lea_Johnny_685A0701Lea_Johnny_685A0704Lea_Johnny_685A0706Lea_Johnny_685A0716Lea_Johnny_685A0748Lea_Johnny_685A0749Lea_Johnny_685A0757Lea_Johnny_685A0759Lea_Johnny_685A0791Lea_Johnny_685A0764

Nicole DuMond is a wedding and lifestyle portrait photographer based in the rolling hills of Stillwater, Pennsylvania.  Nicole offers portrait sessions on her family’s 9 acre homestead as well as on location sessions in Columbia, Luzerne, Sullivan, Lycoming, Montour, and Northumberland counties.  Nicole is also available for limited travel along the East Coast & Worldwide.

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