Frosty Valley Country Club Wedding Danville PA | Jamie + Justin

I am so, so thrilled to be delivering this gorgeous Frosty Valley Country Club wedding in Danville, Pennsylvania.  Jamie & Justin were one of my first portrait sessions (yes, ever!) while they were home for Christmas from sunny California and craving some good ol' Pennsylvania snow.  They put their faith in me to showcase their amazing love and I was hooked.  I had such a great time with them, I made it my mission to start working more and more with couples and weddings, and am now proud to say that I'm thoroughly in love with all things 'love' and that weddings are without a doubt, my thing.  So there is nothing that can bring me more joy than to be able to see this couple full circle and full of that same spark that made their engagement session so special, as they met at the altar on a sunny Saturday afternoon. My favorite thing about Jamie is her laid back demeanor.  She wasn't frazzled or worried, she was focused on having fun and taking it all in; and she definitely did just that.  She has an amazing spirit that is just... fun to be around, and she and Justin couldn't be more perfect for one another.  I hope you can tell by these images... they just beam ear to ear when they are around each other and I hope they never lose that.  It's what sets them apart from other couples and is going to help them through the inevitable tough days that sometimes creep in.

The day was gorgeous from start to finish, but I have to say Jamie's veil, dress, and flower selections were so stunning that it just added to the ambiance created by the love for this amazing couple.  Add in a wedding party that likes to dance, and the day was nothing short of amazing.  Congratulations Jamie & Justin on your recent marriage and I wish you many, many years of love and happiness!  I am so honored to give you these memories!

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