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Alyssa and Colton are a spectacular couple that seem to be not only a couple, but honestly best of friends.  I think that is something that is so special and definitely not something that everyone shares with their spouse!  I was so thrilled to have the opportunity to capture Alyssa & Colton's big day in July at Colonial Pines Weddings Lewisburg PA.  When Alyssa initially contacted me, it took me awhile to put two and two together and I didn't realize who she was until our consultation at my studio.  I can't believe I'm saying this... but I think I've known Alyssa for 6 or 7 years!?  I altered many prom dresses for the Conner girls over the years and am so thrilled that Alyssa found my work and that I was able to document her wedding day!  I can't think of a nicer family to work with and to play a part in delivering some amazing memories for them. My favorite thing about Alyssa and Colton is the fact that she is such a sweet, kind, beautiful girl and Colton is a man's man.  They probably think I'm crazy because I have told them how much I love this before, but I just think it's so cool when a couple has that 'balance'.  Colton's got work stained hands and likes to hunt... Alyssa reminds me more of someone who prefers to go shopping on the weekends and layout by the pool.  Another favorite quality that I adore about this couple is their love for children.  Throughout the entire day children were involved in their wedding, from Alyssa's flower girls trying on her wedding dress, to kids sitting on their laps throughout the reception and toasts... Colton even has a much younger brother who fit right into the groomsmen lineup.  That is awesome... and amazing.  They compliment each other so well and I'm certain they will have a really beautiful lifetime of sharing those compliments for many years to come!

So without further adieu... here is a glimpse at Alyssa & Colton's country chic summer affair at Colonial Pines in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania.

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Nicole DuMond is a wedding and portrait photographer based in the rolling hills of Stillwater, Pennsylvania and serving the surrounding areas of Northeastern and Central Pennsylvania, including Bloomsburg, Benton, Berwick, Red Rock, Stillwater, Danville, Lewisburg, Hunlock Creek, Sweet Valley, and surrounding areas.

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