Kelsey & Joe | Benton Backyard Wedding

Kelsey and Joe had a perfect day surrounded by close family and friends for their intimate Benton Backyard Wedding at a private residence in Northeastern Pennsylvania on a beautiful day in late September.  The leaves were just starting to turn at the Ol' Country Barn, an antique shop owned by a family friend, where the event took place.  The vintage chairs from Forget Me Not Vintage Rentals served as both ceremony seating as well as reception seating (the guests just picked up their seats and moved them to their tables prior to cocktail hour - genius!) which added a lot of personality to the outdoor event!  Lots of love was put into the rustic yet elegant details of the day, which were polished off with bits of babies breath. My favorite thing about this couple's day was how laid back, easygoing, and FUN it was.  It's so refreshing to work with a couple who is not afraid to have a stripped down day without the fuss and just let it flow... and that's exactly what Kelsey and Joe did.  In the midst of building a house together, they didn't want to get carried away with an over the top wedding and instead had an intimate gathering that seemed to suit them perfectly, and it was absolutely gorgeous.  In fact, they were so eager to head on out to their honeymoon, they didn't even care to cut the cake (they wanted to take it with them... perfect!).  Don't worry, all of the guests were able to hit up the adorable pie bar, where loads of beautiful pies were on display.

Congratulations Kelsey & Joe, I hope the past two months have been wonderful!

Gown: Exclusively You | Bloomsburg, PA

Chairs: Forget Me Not Vintage Rentals | Berwick, PA

Venue: Ol Country Barn | Benton, PA

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Second Shooter: Antiquity Photography | Williamsport, PA

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