Backyard Engagement Session | Liz + Justin

I had such a wonderful time working with Liz and Justin during their backyard engagement session a few weeks ago in Bloomsburg, PA.  I love when I get to work with my wedding clients close to their wedding dates because it typically sets the tone a little bit for their actual wedding day, gets any jitters out, and it's a relaxed environment.  When it comes to the men, I often find that they feel like they're being 'dragged along' or forced into doing the engagement session, and they really aren't interested in any more photos of them than absolutely necessary.  I have to say, though, usually by the end of the session I can get a good smile out of them.  Whether it's because they think I'm absolutely crazy or that I actually get them to loosen up and {almost} have a little bit of fun is yet to be determined.  For their engagement session, this couple chose to shoot on their property which was a few acres of paradise nestled between a Christmas Tree farm and some massive power lines, overlooking the valley below.  Oh and they had a transformer car- what's not to love?!  Well, a yellow Camaro, anyway.  I might not know much about cars but I am pretty sure that this car looked exactly like Bumble Bee!  I couldn't have asked for a better location to get them to loosen up in front of the camera than their own backyard!  Justin and Liz were such a pleasure to work with and I am so looking forward to getting to work with them on their wedding day next month at Rolling Pines in Bloomsburg, PA.  Thank you so much for a wonderful session!backyard-engagement-bloomsburg-photographerbackyard-engagement-bloomsburg-photographerbackyard-engagement-bloomsburg-photographerbackyard-engagement-bloomsburg-photographerbackyard-engagement-bloomsburg-photographerbackyard-engagement-bloomsburg-photographerbackyard-engagement-bloomsburg-photographerbackyard-engagement-bloomsburg-photographerbackyard-engagement-bloomsburg-photographerbackyard-engagement-bloomsburg-photographerbackyard-engagement-bloomsburg-photographerbackyard-engagement-bloomsburg-photographerbackyard-engagement-bloomsburg-photographerbackyard-engagement-bloomsburg-photographerbackyard-engagement-bloomsburg-photographerbackyard-engagement-bloomsburg-photographerbackyard-engagement-bloomsburg-photographerbackyard-engagement-bloomsburg-photographer